Mistaking the sun’s reflection on shiny things for pop-up notifications means that it’s time to go outside.

@yumi_ang I didn't see the black Santa from my vantage point.

Gastown directory (it's a mall now?) QR codes link directly to the neighbourhood websites, with no tracking.

Excellent haul at Word on the Street: a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy bookmark, fridge magnet and towel!

“Sometimes it rains.”

Site of the infamous Courtenay Hotel, still undeveloped. Make it a park?

Site of the old Palace Theatre, still undeveloped. Make it a park?

Conquered a fear and rode up next to a Coca-Cola delivery truck. #thrilling

Just when I was about to say "I miss the Gastown fake painter," there he is. #suckers

Is 25% off at the dollar store a signal of hard times or good times?