I Own a SodaStream

For years (really, years and years), I was and still am a loyal Coca-Cola drinker. At every job, it would take about a week for colleagues to realize just how often I drank it. There haven't been many days that have gone by where I haven't had a Coke, which I alternate between thinking of as a mark of shame and shrugging off as an aspect of my personality. I'm not saying I can tell the difference in a blind taste test, but Pepsi cola lacks the zing that Coca-Cola has. I've come to believe that it depends on the location of the bottling plant, and for some reason, Vancouver has the best Coke I've tried.

As a Coke drinker, I always order that at restaurants, and more than half the time, the server says they don't serve Coke, and they inevitably follow that up with "Is Pepsi OK?" One day, someone will say "No, it's not OK" and make a big stink about it. I never will. It's why this reaction to the sale of SodaStream to Pepsi is so funny:

I do not have an obvious place in my apartment to put it, so it sometimes sits on the coffee table or dinner table. One day my little flat in downtown Toronto is going to burst with the amount of stuff that's crammed into it.

After deciding not to buy the syrups, mainly because I care more about the fizz than the taste of soda, buying a SodaStream should dramatically cut down on the amount of my sugar intake. Other SodaStream owners I've talked to play up how much money they're saving, though it's rare to hear them say they've bought the syrup. I'm under no illusions that it will save me much money, or, more importantly, that I'll notice either way.

I can tell you what day it was that I finally surrendered and bought one: It was the day Pepsi bought the company, August 20th, 2018. I considered buying it online, though for a reason I can't remember, I wanted to buy it from a store. The website I could find it at The Bay. North America's oldest company, it's a department store with a location near my office. I would find SodaStream units in the lower level of the Eaton Centre location, and while I hummed and hawed about the price (it was $10 more than an online price), the salesman said he could honour the "special" they had recently. I bought it that day mostly to be able to say I bought it the day Pepsi purchased the company, in the belief that they're going to screw it up somehow.

And I left it in its packaging for a month. I did eventually take it out of the box, and that first day, it sprayed all over my counter. The next bottles came out better as I got the hang of it. I did go almost a full day without a Coke, and since the whole had felt a bit off, despite drinking coffee for caffeine and SodaStream water for the fizziness. So I won't totally cut Coke out of my diet, but I do see myself cutting out a large chunk of it.