Why women might end up coming across "cold" to men
When strangers do make threats against women they generally make a move when the woman is alone, so by definition you cannot have possibly been there to see and know what the woman has had to deal with in the past.
Vancouver tech women to watch in 2008
Did we miss anybody? We hoped to restore balance to the universe (in response to the Techvibes Blog watchlist being exclusively men) by pointing out some people we're watching this year.
Why Women Aren't Funny
Christopher Hitchens: Humor, if we are to be serious about it, arises from the ineluctable fact that we are all born into a losing struggle. Those who risk agony and death to bring children into this fiasco simply can't afford to be too frivolous.
Women talk more than men, says Luan Brizendine
Lester Haines took Brizendine's transporation route metaphors and came up with his own at the end.
Women don't choose science because they see there are better jobs to apply for
"Science can be fun, but considered as a career, science suffers by comparison to the professions and the business world."
Where are the women of comics?
"It is a nice irony that Crumb, whose pneumatic women and lascivious hippies have been called misogynistic, may have inspired more women to enter the field."
Why men earn more and what women can do about it
45-minute long lecture with audience participation plus half an hour of questions. Interestingly, the question-and-answer format allows for audience perspective on the question before the lecturer answers.
Jen on how to impress women (and specifically her) with flowers
"There are few things women like more than overt displays of affection that say "Look how much someone loves me" in front of other people."