Leszek Apouchtine reviews Exploring Vancouverism: The Political Culture of Lotus Land by Howard Rotberg
"He points out that more of our efforts go towards density for the sake of density itself, as if that is enough to solve problems such as affordability."
Aaron Schmidt on the redesign of the Vancouver Public Library's website
"Someone made the decision to be literally user centered in this case, and it works. It illustrates that the library is full of people. It is social."
Blind Men's Baseball - The Social Importance of Peripheral Vision
Jaiku founder Jyri Engeström's presentation on the next generation of mobile devices, with the assumption that others' presence and other people's plans matter just as much as yours. My peripheral vision (social and otherwise) could use improving.
Is the 'Google generation' a myth?
Great responses in the comment section, from young and old, to a study by the University College London into critical thinking amongst youth on the web.
An interview with "cyclist" Trevor Linden
The interviewer, Amy Smolens, namedrops a guy I went to high school and played on the basketball team with, Geoff Kabush.
"Vancouverism is replacing Manhattanism as the maximum power setting of contemporary city building."
Trevor Boddy reviews Dream City by Lance Berelowitz and Vancouver Walking by Meredith Quartermain.