Evan Osnos spends time with Tang Jie and China's "angry youth"
More courteous than angry-sounding, "pro-China youth" still sounds like a better phrase to describe them than "angry youth".
Hanyu Pinyin celebrates its 50th birthday
I found it coherent and useful when learning Mandarin, says the white guy who only knew English and French beforehand.
Bradford Plumer interviews Amelia Tyagi, one of the authors of The Two-Income Trap
"Having a child is now the single best predictor of bankruptcy, and this holds true even for families with two incomes."
The Asian Branding of Sexuality
"Those who seek out and use Asian sex toys may be more open to culturally diverse experiences than other types of consumers. Perhaps the popularity of ancient Asian materials reflects the sexual immaturity of American collective culture, searching for a deeper understanding of our own sexuality."
"Although the sound of the SkyTrain itself [...] can only be heard in the immediate surroundings of the stations, the accompanying changes in the landscape and the soundscape, now filled with transportation noises including cars, buses, heavy trucks, a train and two SkyTrain lines, are for all participants signs of a deterioration of this neighbourhood."
Why Women Aren't Funny
Christopher Hitchens: Humor, if we are to be serious about it, arises from the ineluctable fact that we are all born into a losing struggle. Those who risk agony and death to bring children into this fiasco simply can't afford to be too frivolous.
Trevor Boddy reviews One Way Street on a Turntable, playing at the Vancouver International Film Festival
"Hong Kong's New Territories are Burnaby, Surrey and Richmond all rolled into one, but at extreme housing densities and with a frenzy of street-side shops."
The science of gangsta rap
There's so much further you can go with this, but the Venn Diagram is hilarious.
Direct link(s) to the "TTC - Lifeline of Toronto"
This video was specifically produced for the 2007 APTA Rail Conference held in Toronto in June, 2007. It highlights our employees conviction to maintain the Commissions assets and provides a brief look into our future.