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The real cost of open-source software
"The [real] question is, 'How much is that software worth?'"
The Significance of the MyBlogLog API
It'll only be truly significant when fake porn sites use it to shame their visitors.
Vancouver Web 2.0 map
Inspired by the TransLink transit map!
Algorithm to add Flickr icons to your site&#039;s comments
I implemented this for Just a Gwai Lo using phpFlickr, but maybe not for long, since it might be weird for people to have uploaded avatars from one site appear on another.
Chris DiBona and Leo Laporte interview Rasmus Lerdof
Rasmus talks about the appeal of calling your project something starting with 'php' (and what it means for the bug reports to the PHP language itself) and, at the end, the importance of making the language easy to learn.
Travis reviews the Nokia 6682
Matchstick gave him the phone, and other than Bluetooth, he's not happy with it.