Three Tupper Discoveries

Tupper Community Garden

For no other reason than to eliminate fog from my Fog of World, I rode my bike around the 22nd and Kingsway area in Vancouver and came across three nice discoveries at Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School. The first is a Tupper Neighbourhood Greenway, pictured above. The second, below, is a cul-de-sac sign with "Except Bicycles". Are there any other cul-de-sac signs in Vancouver that say "Except Bicycles"?

Tupper Cul-de-sac/Greenway

The third discovery (not pictured) was an organized game of touch football, with three refs, flags, and first down markers (placed by one of the refs, on the playing field no less). That looks like a lot of fun. I'd do it just for the huddles.