Floorball: Everything I Know I Learned From Basketball

Stewart already addressed the issue I had about floorball, that is that tricks have more value than fundamentals. This is true of all sports, really, but it's also true that teams that best exploit the regime (the infrastructure of the sport, including the rules and how the refs call it) are the ones that dominate, not necessarily those that are the most skillful. Think the New Jersey Devils of hockey and the Detroit Pistons of basketball.

A Certain Quotient of Unauthorized Excitement

Arthur Lubow: “The history of photography is stocked with precedents [of photomontages], dating back to its earliest days. You think there is something new about seamless photomontages? In the 1850s, Oscar Gustave Rejlander and Henry Peach Robinson made elaborate composites from multiple negatives. Or staged tableaux?

Snowshoeing Alone on Mount Seymour

Over the weekend, I went on my first solo snowshoeing expedition. That makes it sound more significant that it really was: all I did was take the bus to Phibbs Station, take a "shuttle" bus—formerly a school bus—to Seymour Mountain for a couple hours of actual snowshoeing. The conditions were not great at all: it was raining on the mountain, which made for slushy and slippery trails. I fell a few times on the steepest slopes, at least once losing a snowshoe.

Vancouver OpenID Mashpit

I wasn't going to go, but at the last minute I decided that attending the Vancouver OpenID 2.0 Mashpit would give me the opportunity to see Sxip's downtown Vancouver office and also run into people I knew, not to mention meet some others and learn a little about digital identity. (I was rewarded with a free hotdog and snacks. And a t-shirt.) I need to know this stuff, at the very least cursorily, so that I can support it when the time comes.