Vancouver Plus

A non-childhood dream of mine is to learn how to fly an airplane, but the money and time and effort involved are scaring me off. In the meantime I've been following Jon Patch's blog about Vancouver+, the better-than-the-default scenery for the Lower Mainland for Flight Simulator X. I have the the trial version on the Windows side of my MacBook, which limits me to 2 options: a free flight and an landing activity at Princess Juliana Airport (so far after about 5 hours of trying I've never been able to successfully complete it).

Roland's back biking again

Roland has an awesome wrap-up of the Vancity Bike Share, complete with commute video he made from photos he took while riding his Vancity bike set to Creative Commons-licensed music. The photos pass by pretty quickly, possibly too quickly for the music he chose. He credits me with getting him back biking again, indirectly, but Vancity and Change Everything deserve the credit, as they got me biking again.

Quoted in The Province

Last week I was quoted in The Province about the Vancity Bike Share program, saying something like the following:

It was great. After I gave my bike away, I ended up buying a new bike and I've been riding to work twice a week now. It was a program that got me back cycling.

On CBC News Tonight

This morning CBC TV contacted me though my contact form and then by my work's phone # (that's what I get for not publishing my personal phone #) and asked me to be interviewed for CBC News. I should be on sometime after 6 PM on Vancouver's CBC's evening news, talking about the Vancity Bike Share program. I don't do media interviews often, so it will show, but I enjoyed riding around on Roland's bike—of all the days I decide not to bike into work, I choose this one—and talking to the CBC reporter.

West Coast Express Trip from Waterfront to Port Moody Stations

Last night, heading home, I decided but didn't commit to hopping on SkyTrain going in the wrong direction. That is, at Waterfront Station, many people go Westbound past the station to the switch, where the train "turns around" and heads Eastbound. People (smartly) do this to get a good seat before trains fill up with commuters, often by Stadium-Chinatown Station.


After listening to their album a couple of times from their site, I'm currently downloading the ambient electronic sounds of Au4, evidently pronounced "oh-four", who hail from Vancouver. I heard about the band through my co-worker Kris Krug (also of Static Photography). This was my first purchase of digital music outside iTunes, so hopefully the local band gets to see all of the money.