2005 was a year of ideas, though really, all years are. The Tyee has two articles about the 15 big ideas for the past 12 months, the first covering peak oil; nanotechnology; parliaments-ready-to-govern; pandemics; Web 2.0; minority government; disaster relief (do we need relief from minority governments?) and same-sex marriage.

She Was Adamant That the Crowd Sing Louder

Rachael and I attended Feist's Vancouver stop on a tour which has her playing later with her old band, Broken Social Scene as well as playing with Bright Eyes (who I either don't understand or who I think sucks). At one point she stopped the show as one of the fans up front passed out, but she seemed to recover with good humour.

Moose Loosener

Blue Northern Voice Logo I still don't know what to make of technology conferences. I don't think I get a lot out of them, since either I know the subject matter (Northern Voice 2005, Gnomedex) or don't care (most of the sessions at OSCON, but the ones I did attend were fairly interesting and new to me).

Vancouver to Olympia to Portland

Currently in Portland, after a longer than expected drive down. Some border weirdness: Roland took a photos each of my work visa (not really a work visa, but I'm here for work and receipt for said "visa"). Hanging out at Eastside Club Tavern and Clubside in Olympia was really cool: really cool atmosphere with cute indie girls, some middle class, some poor people, and even the bartender's pet dog.

Extraordinarily Minimal, Ethereal Compositions

After hearing a song on KEXP (where DJ Riz was doing his usual late-night ambient dub set), and after Riz mentioned the name of the artist and that he was Vancouver-based, I checked the online playlist (which is not nearly as cool as Digitally Imported's playlists, which automatically create a forum thread for that song for people to comment on it and give it a rating) to see which song it was.