The Other Restaurants Have Hotter Servers and Make Them Wear Tight Black Clothing

Brizzo: “I'm sure some of you have been there. Hooters is very similar [to KFC] and not only because the food is fucking atrocious. Initially, you think, "Hey, its Hooter's. A light-hearted dig on today's culture of political correctness... and there are girls with boobs in tight shirts there. What's the harm?" (And really, for all my Vancouver peoples, what is the difference between Hooters and virtually any other restaurant in Vancouver?

Notes of the Waterfront, Robson and Yaletown Canada Line Stations Open House

Last week, I attended the open house for three of the proposed Canada Line stations, Waterfront, Robson and Yaletown. I spend most time looking at the proposals for Waterfront station—which they are building underneath the Sinclair Centre—and talking to the City and RAVCO/CLCO representatives there. I took some blurry photos of the line's cross section diagrams, and here are my hastily-scribbled notes of one of the conversations:

LazyWeb Request: Lunch or Dinner Specials Via RSS

Doc Searls wants restaurant menus in XML. That's not very exciting, since even restaurant menus posted online in HTML format would be a huge step forward, since they're fairly static (that is, unchanging from day to day). Plus there's something to be said about walking around a nice neighbourhood and reading the menus as posted on the front window. More exciting would be lunch or dinner specials via RSS, updated in the morning (or afternoon, depending on when the restaurant opens).