Vancouver Transit Centre

Where the trolleys sleep. I wonder if Coast Mountain Bus Company/TransLink gives tours. A Chicago Transit Authority employee got to take a look around.

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Submitted by The Gordons on Tue 2007-08-28 13:17 #

I had a temp summer job once driving their mail truck, but that was when these parked at the old Oak Street location. Most depots were just one mail stop, but the Oak Street location had 5 stops as it was also where such things as their driving school was located. Looking at the size of that building, I'd say those extra facilities all made the move also.

When they park them, it's interesting as two lines of buses share one trolley cable running down the middle of the two parking lanes. I'm not sure if they just take the first bus in the line, or if there is a complicated formula for parking them so they are ready to come off in order.

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