Karen and I started dating in December. We met online, sort of: she was looking at my profile on Urban Vancouver, and she thought I was someone she had seen at a lecture series, then messaged me via MSN.


Maria is reporting that the TTC is on strike. Hopefully they can avoid the 3 month+ strike transit Vancouverites endured in 2001. I've never had a car while in Vancouver (since 1996), so that meant 3 months of making sure I had a ride to work.


Writing is still light, but I'm safely in Toronto after a 5-hour train ride—my first non-transit train trip since China and I love train trips just as much as I rememeber!—from Ottawa. Ottawa was not what I expected: every indoor place was a lot warmer than I'm used to in British Columbia, and they had snow there. In late March!

Uptight City

Tracey Cox: “It's tough to flirt in Toronto because this city is so uptight”. Also: “Men can't interpret well, even though we might be on the floor with most of our clothes off. If a man does walk over to a woman, it's because we've given him the signal, so don't be subtle.”