Toronto Blue Jays

Sunburnt In Toronto

This is my first full day in Toronto, here for about a week. I've already seen a Blue Jays' game (my first ever in Toronto!) but they lost 10-5. Evidently there will be—or possibly already is—video of me singing terribly out of tune the "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" song during seventh inning strech, but you won't get me pointing to it! No foul balls came my, the closest one hitting a lady in the head.

A Group of Feeds That Follow Everything

Regular readers know I'm a fan of both PubSub and baseball (alright, I don't talk about the latter a lot, since none of my TV channels show any games). PubSub lets you subscribe to feeds of searches that match 'on-the-fly', that is, once someone writes about something you're interested in, it matches against a search, and pings you either by RSS or—okay, RSS is the way that the overwhelming majority of people using PubSub get their notifications.

Verducci's Escapade

For Christmas, one of the gifts I received was a year-long subscription to Sports Illustrated. Since it comes every week, I haven't had a chance to read a lot of them, but last month Tom Verducci wrote an article about what it was like to play in Spring Training with the Toronto Blue Jays, my favourite team ever since I heard there was a thing called Major League Baseball.

The Secret meaning of baseball hats

Adam Sternbergh: “[T]he hat's story might have ended here, were it not for the intercession of a group of people who have, throughout the 20th century, tirelessly and selflessly led the way in determining all that is cool. I am speaking, of course, of black people.”