No Bell and the Brakes Were Hilariously Loud

Today was my first Bike Share Toronto commute, and I made as many blunders as possible. I added a few extra minutes by figuring out how to take a bike out, walking (not biking) from King to Adelaide, dodging trucks parked in the bike lane while properly crossing old streetcar tracks, turning into a one-way street, and getting turned around at least once, maybe twice. Next time I'm just going to turn right onto Church.

Vintage Toronto Streetcar Notes

On a trip to Toronto in 2006, during the Canadian Pacific Exhibition, two older Toronto streetcars passed by Karen and me while we were walking the mean streets of The Big Smoke. Some years later, these informative comments from a user called booledozer appeared on the Flickr versions of the photos.

Leaving Toronto

After spending most of this week's weekdays in Toronto, I'm ready to leave. This city, while a hell of a town, is just too big for me. Vancouver is Richard-sized.

Young School Board Trustee Candidates

Since the election is almost over, it's probably too late to recommend him now, but today Torontonians vote for their council, mayor, and school trustees, and Matei Savulescu, a 20-something living in Ward 7 Parkdale-High Park, is running for school trustee. Sacha Peter ran last year for Richmond (B.C.) school board trustee as well, so it got me thinking about the strategies young candidates might pursue to get noticed in their campaigns, even elected.

Notes on "Documentation in the Open Source World" at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium

My worries about Eric Shepherd's presentation being too focused on developer documentation were both correct and unfounded. Correct because he only talked about developer documentation for the Mozilla Corporation. Unfounded because everything he talked about applied directly to end-user documentation writing. Some notes here, then a paraphrase of my comment-slash-question at the end.