Beyond Robson reviews The Black Rider as performed on Granville Island
Tom Waits, William S. Burroughs and Robert Wilson collaborated on the play. I was dragged along to watch it, not knowing what to expect, upon reflection, I admit to being the better for it. A very high intensity, avant-garde play.

Robert Lepage

I'm working my way through the short clips about Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage at after having watched the documentary Tuned to a Different Frequency a couple of Sundays ago. The documentary, directed by Martin Fournier, attempted to demystify Lepage, but as usual, made him still seem mysterious. (If I was paying better attention at the time, I would have known about Lepage via Darren Barefoot's 2005 mention.) Jean-Sébastien Côté, composer and sound designer, who was the subject of an interview in French at La Scena Musicale created the documentary's theme (download the MP3), which drew me into watching the documentary on CBC TV. Like any good documentary directed by a Canadian and filmed in handheld DV (like Alan Zweig's I, Curmudgeon and Quentin Lee's 0506HK) I've stopped holding my breath for DVD copies.

Heart of the World, Vancouver's next great art and performance venue
A place "to address the contemporary artistic and creative needs of the constantly evolving geographic location in which it is situated, offering competitive rates and a multi-faceted performance space."


Via Beyond Robson I see that the Stanley Theatre is putting on Waiting for Godot. Tickets are really expensive: $52 when factoring in Ticketmaster's Ridiculousness Charge, but I'll be going to a performance in a couple weeks. Starting with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern last year, I'm making more of an effort to see more plays, since I can just rent movies that come out in the theatres withoug having to deal with bad projection and loud teenagers and expensive food.

There's a talent agency next door to my office. Leaving a couple nights ago, I smelled perfume, and outside were sitting 4 very attractive young ladies. Asking them what they were waiting for—a silly question, since it was obvious—one of them said "waiting for John" (the agency's namesake) but one girl, after a pause, said, quietly, almost as if the thought it was the obvious joke to make, "Waiting for Godot". Seeing this as an opportunity to strike up a conversation while waiting for the Slowest Elevator in the World, I said I had heard about a production in Vancouver, asked her whether she had read or seen the play (she had read it) and tried to talk about how you can only see the same place once but she was called in.

I could have titled this "Waiting for Waiting for Godot", but it's been done.

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