Mundane SkyTrain Video

This is not part of the series on SkyTrain Explorer (though I will endeavor to take and post video during as many walks as possible), the following videos were taken with the Nokia N70 camera phone while either on a train or at stations. In the highly unlikely event these videos are popular, a BitTorrent download is also available.

Notes of the Waterfront, Robson and Yaletown Canada Line Stations Open House

Last week, I attended the open house for three of the proposed Canada Line stations, Waterfront, Robson and Yaletown. I spend most time looking at the proposals for Waterfront station—which they are building underneath the Sinclair Centre—and talking to the City and RAVCO/CLCO representatives there. I took some blurry photos of the line's cross section diagrams, and here are my hastily-scribbled notes of one of the conversations:


Maria is reporting that the TTC is on strike. Hopefully they can avoid the 3 month+ strike transit Vancouverites endured in 2001. I've never had a car while in Vancouver (since 1996), so that meant 3 months of making sure I had a ride to work.