science fiction

A Mound of Them Naked on Top of a Star Trek Figure

Rudy Rucker: SF fans are a strange lot of people. They like cons as they’re then unfettered by ordinary life. I have a theory that the fans have huge sexual orgies, that they get it on much more than the pros do. A mound of them naked on top of a Star Trek figure, like the South African 'erdmaennchen' or “meerkats” who live in great heaps.”

The Science Was Just the Plot Device

Gillian writes a couple of months ago about an idea for a science fiction story she wanted to write: “I hadn't thought about this story of mine in a while, but it came up the other day. I was thinking about how easy it is to remove people from your life who are making you unhappy. Disregarding family and workmates, it's not all that much effort to just stop seeing some people. It's almost too easy, in fact. You could push out everyone.”

The Gender Gulf of Misunderstanding

Matt Patterson: “The men whom jealous types call 'eggheads' represent should represent all that is desirable in the male species. Of course, if Sci-Fi Guys got outside more and hung out with real women, maybe they'd stop referring to them as 'chicks' and 'babes' and start seeing them as real people with problems of their own that usually have nothing to do with an alien hive mind infiltrating the colonists on LT-7.

Infantile And Escapist People

Sandy Starr dismisses the criticisms against science fiction and fantasy, but “the criticism of science fiction and fantasy fans - that we are infantile and escapist people, and socially inept to boot - sadly has a little more truth to it. Of course, there are many pastimes that people pursue obsessively, and it may seem a little unfair to stick the boot into sci-fi geeks rather than car fanatics, opera buffs or stamp collectors.

Advice for Women Seeking Geeks

Angua: “If you want boys to notice you, get into Sci Fi PDQ, is my advice to you young things. I came by my interests honestly, incidentally - I am a voracious reader and lived with a geek for the better part of a decade.”