A Group of Feeds That Follow Everything

Regular readers know I'm a fan of both PubSub and baseball (alright, I don't talk about the latter a lot, since none of my TV channels show any games). PubSub lets you subscribe to feeds of searches that match 'on-the-fly', that is, once someone writes about something you're interested in, it matches against a search, and pings you either by RSS or—okay, RSS is the way that the overwhelming majority of people using PubSub get their notifications.

Experiment in Aggregation: Pushing Out

Up until recently, Just a Gwai Lo's front page, had all articles from all my weblogs published in One Big Weblog. Now it's just straight writing, with links to the stuff elsewhere on the sidebar.

RSS Feeds for Photos With Multiple Tags in Flickr

There is an updated version of my script available!. Thanks Timtom!

In its RSS feeds, Flickr doesn't let you get photos tagged with all tags you tell it in an RSS feed, so I whipped up a script that, if you have your own server, creates RSS feeds of the tags you specify. If you called it 'multitags.php', and you put it on your site, say, the URL would look something like That would get you an RSS feed (in a format very similar to the format of the RSS feeds that Flickr outputs) of photos that are tagged with both 'vancouver' and 'seawall'.

If you used a comma instead of a plus, it looks for photos tagged with either of the tags, so,seawall would get you photos tagged with 'vancouver' mixed in with the photos tagged with 'seawall'. There is a way to get RSS feeds of tags this way, but why figure that out. How to do it is in a forum somewhere, but I couldn't remember where, so I just coded that into the script.

You'll need two things to use the script: the excellent phpFlickr library (support for uploading coming, nice!) and a Flickr API key, which you can get at You'll need to change the three variables at the top of the script, which follows, accordingly.