Quentin Lee

0506HK by Quentin Lee on YouTube
The official website for the documentary about Hong Kong that Karen and I saw last year links to the film in 8 parts.

Robert Lepage

I'm working my way through the short clips about Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage at archives.cbc.ca after having watched the documentary Tuned to a Different Frequency a couple of Sundays ago. The documentary, directed by Martin Fournier, attempted to demystify Lepage, but as usual, made him still seem mysterious. (If I was paying better attention at the time, I would have known about Lepage via Darren Barefoot's 2005 mention.) Jean-Sébastien Côté, composer and sound designer, who was the subject of an interview in French at La Scena Musicale created the documentary's theme (download the MP3), which drew me into watching the documentary on CBC TV. Like any good documentary directed by a Canadian and filmed in handheld DV (like Alan Zweig's I, Curmudgeon and Quentin Lee's 0506HK) I've stopped holding my breath for DVD copies.

Quentin Lee quotes Karen's review of his film 0506HK
He cites her as Quinn, which is how she identifies herself on her blog.
Karen reflects on 0506HK, a personal documentary about moving from Canada to Hong Kong
Quentin Lee, a Hong Kong-born Canadian based in Los Angeles, interviews friends and contemporaries who have made the move from North America to HK, or split time between the two places.