Mark Vallen finds Shepard Fairey's work apolitical and dehistoricized
Not to mention plagiarized from real art, the main thrust of the article.
A collection of Chinese newspaper masthead clip art
Ah the days when the propagandists only used red and black ink.

Managing The Interpretation Of Reality

George Soros: “If you go back to this Doublespeak and the threat of deception, the Goebbels propaganda machine had a total monopoly of the media. The Soviets had such control that they could actually erase people from history, airbrush out leaders who fell, who were disgraced. The deception in America is practiced while you do have pluralistic media. You do have, you know, different channels that are available. Nevertheless, something is going on in the way of managing the interpretation of reality that is actually successful and poses a danger to open society. And it has been spearheaded by the conservative movement. But, it's not confined to the conservative movement. In other words, it's a cultural phenomenon. And it permeates, let's say, the Democratic primaries as much as it does the propaganda of the Bush administration.”