Audio of my Blogging 101 presentation at Northern Voice
Keeping consistent with my desire not to hear my voice, I haven't listened to it yet. But if you missed it the first time, now you can!
Apparatus for the Future: Reconstructing the Design World for New Media & Bloggers
Slides of Stephanie Vacher's presentation at Northern Voice 2008.
My presentation slides from Northern Voice 2008's Blogging 101
They're not terribly informative, intentionally. I got as far as "Podcasting" and ran out of time before getting to "The Future!", which was to plug some emerging technologies helping bloggers.
Jeffrey Keefer comments on my Blogging 101 talk
He appreciated the one-word slides. I used them as reminders for myself and for terms the audience could look up to get more information.
Blind Men's Baseball - The Social Importance of Peripheral Vision
Jaiku founder Jyri Engeström's presentation on the next generation of mobile devices, with the assumption that others' presence and other people's plans matter just as much as yours. My peripheral vision (social and otherwise) could use improving.
Matt Webb: the Web is Movement
Slides and text from his presentation at Web Directions North 2008. This one will be rattling around in my brain for the next two weeks.