Karl has the 6-step cycle of many communities he's participated in
Puis la communauté s'élargit, les créateurs initiaux ont dû mal à gérer l'affluence de nouveaux membres.

Power Comes First, Second, Third, and Last

Samantha Power, in an interview, on how Robert Mugabe consolidated power in Zimbabwe: “the invasions of white farms were Mugabe's attempt to kill three birds with one stone—to get the war veterans off his back, to further satisfy his cronies, and to get rid of the white farmers, who had begun teaming up with the black opposition as a political force. So I think you can see there is no one answer to how Mugabe became this way—he certainly didn't roll up his sleeves one day and say, "I've had enough of running the jewel of Africa, now I want my country to become the joke of Africa." But everything sort of fed on itself, and the only unifying theme through it all is his personal power. Power comes first, second, third, and last—and nothing can stand in its way.”