Mark Vallen finds Shepard Fairey's work apolitical and dehistoricized
Not to mention plagiarized from real art, the main thrust of the article.

The Quality Must Be Better Than I Thought

Darren Barefoot on Angèle Yanor: “I may have judged her column prematurely. If she indeed lifted a lot of content from the Times, the quality must be better than I thought. On her site, Ms. Yanor rather laughably argues that she "never called herself a journalist". Ah, well, so long as you publish regularly in a major newspaper but don't profess to be a journalist, ethical considerations don't apply. Is she aware of the irony that the bottom of her blog page reads "content may only be published with prior written consent"? There's no indication of actual copyright, so the text's origin may be up for grabs.”

And in a subsequent entry, Darren notes that Yanor's own website contains plagarized material, and not material that's been the focus of national media attention.

Suspected Plagiarism

Since I rarely listen to the local news much less watch it on TV, I find out some of the local happenings through local weblogs. Evidently Angèle Yanor's column has been pulled by The Vancouver Sun because of suspected plagiarism, although she claims to have resigned because she's been recently-married. Jeff has promised an update on the situation, but at this writing he has yet to write anything substantive.

I've disapprovingly quoted Yanor in November of 2002. She has her critics and her defenders.