nciku Chinese characters and pinyin dictionary
So many features. Handwritten character recognition, audio in both a male and female voice, phrases suggested and rated by users. Hard-to-remember name, though.
Hanyu Pinyin celebrates its 50th birthday
I found it coherent and useful when learning Mandarin, says the white guy who only knew English and French beforehand.
What does a Chinese keyboard look like?
Pinyin and Wubi, basically. I use pinyin when I need to type out Chinese characters.
Chinese in Firefly, with Pinyin and translations
Until now I didn't have a reason to watch the show.
"bu po bu li" at
Includes the proper Mandarin tones (all fourth tone) for each character.
The Paper Tiger on the banned-in-China novel "Serve the People"
The Chinese in the title is pronounced "bu po bu li" and means something like "without breaking down, one cannot build up" (or "creative destruction" in capitalist terms).