Cascadia Trip Inventory: Accumulation from our Trip to Portland and Seattle

Inspired by the inventories Liz posts on Flickr, Karen and I decided to take a photo of everything we accumulated on our trip to Portland and then Seattle. We set physical we took from America on the floor and then stood on a chair to take the photo with our DSLR. Below is the photo plus a list of the items with some links, taken from the annotations Karen and I added to the Flickr photo.

Video of the MAX Arriving Gateway/Northeast 99th Avenue Transit Center

On my trip to Portland last week, while my girlfriend went to the People's Farmer's Market, I took a jaunt over to the airport from downtown. To travel from the airport from downtown, I had to get a zone upgrade, because the 7-day pass we bought (see below) afforded us 2 zones.

Upcoming trip: Portland and Seattle

We've bought the tickets, so it's official: Karen and I will be going to Portland for the last week of February, then take a very short side-trip to Seattle on the way back. We're taking the Greyhound bus down from Vancouver, B.C., so we'll get a lot of Interstate 5 goodness. Since we didn't know exactly how we were getting back from Seattle, we decided that at least on the way from PDX to Seatown that we'd take the Amtrak train. A little more expensive, and the Amtrak guy in Vancouver wanted to see our passports.

A Burned Out Shell That Used to be Their Refuge

Chris: “There were fire engines and police and smoke and everything. I had my Nikon on my back. But I just couldn't bring myself to get it out and shoot. It felt like such an invasion of privacy to photograph the house on fire that I paid attention to the sinking feeling in my stomach as I imagined these people's reaction to getting home to a burned out shell that used to be their refuge.”

With Any Method, Perhaps Multiple

Patrick after linking to Ted writing about Portland: “This is where we are supposed to tell you how much it rains in Portland. That's a tough sell this time of year... typically nothing but blue skies for weeks.”

Geek Season in the Rose City

Got back from the Portland Coffee House and dropped $7 on a $3 coffee ($4 tip, since the couple hours I spent there while drinking fancy coffee with free wi-fi watching indie girls go in and out was worth that much), having snuck away from my group to hang out there for a couple hours. I'm going to try to sneak out a few more times, probably late at night.

Vancouver to Olympia to Portland

Currently in Portland, after a longer than expected drive down. Some border weirdness: Roland took a photos each of my work visa (not really a work visa, but I'm here for work and receipt for said "visa"). Hanging out at Eastside Club Tavern and Clubside in Olympia was really cool: really cool atmosphere with cute indie girls, some middle class, some poor people, and even the bartender's pet dog.