Evan Osnos spends time with Tang Jie and China's "angry youth"
More courteous than angry-sounding, "pro-China youth" still sounds like a better phrase to describe them than "angry youth".


Oh good, somebody blogged their mid-term results. That means now I can too. What follows is most likely haircut blog quality for most readers.

I'm pretty pumped about the A- I got on my Western Civilization in-class mid-term, and the A+ (!) I got on the take-home portion, wherein I argued that Pliny the Younger (quotes here, here and here) reflected the pax romana in his writings but only to an extent, i.e. that he was pretty much silent on the question of a peace enforced by military rule and conquering. I'm inclined to fix up some grammatical booboos and put the paper online. (Although, that would increase the chance of somebody copying my awesomeness, and we can't have that.)

Also, I got what is essentially and A+ on my Geography of Canada essay, which discussed Québec nationalism as it related to Québecois folk and rock music. There are two essays which I sourced that are available online, both by the same author, Christopher M. Jones: Song and Nationalism in Quebec [PDF] and Quebec Song: Strategies in the Cultural Marketplace [PDF]. The first half of the first one is a rather good short history of Québec nationalism from the 1700s to the present day.

The irony, which may not strike people who read this site as news, is that I had a pretty low opinion of both assignments, especially the latter. Shows me what I know.