London tops a list of best underground rail transit systems, followed by Paris and Moscow
I bet Chicago would top a similar list of elevated rail, and would include Vancouver.
Überbrü is brewed locally wherever it is sold", i.e. currently Montreal and Vancouver
Evidently they will also publish the recipe online.
Andrew Rose wonders whether indie really has a geographic epicentre to begin with
(A commenter speculates that Brad Wheeler ghost-wrote the article for Alexandra Gill.)
Vancouver makes Fast Company's list of Global Fast Cities
Dublin, Helsinki, Sydney and Montreal round out the list.

The Bands Shouted Into the Din

David Carr on the music scene in Montreal: “Montreal's vaguely socialist and communitarian politics, along with the city's reputation for hedonism, has produced off-the-grid parties in lofts and musician-run clubs, and plenty of opportunities for new and challenging music to find an audience. On an absolutely frigid recent Tuesday - a quiet night in the quietest time of year - three no-name bands were creating a racket at the recently opened Le Divan Orange, en Anglais, merci. Hundreds of fans jammed their puffy coats in various corners. Even though Canadian liquor stores were on strike and the cigarette packs featured vivid portraits of diseased lungs, people were consuming both like recently escaped convicts. The bands shouted into the din, and the audience - mostly - listened.”