Sacha thinks that Microsoft made a bad investment in Facebook
He advises holders of MSFT stock to sell.
Karl has the 6-step cycle of many communities he's participated in
Puis la communauté s'élargit, les créateurs initiaux ont dû mal à gérer l'affluence de nouveaux membres.
Joey got an Acer Ferrari Vista laptop, and he's keeping it as long as he reviews it
I've gotten free stuff because of my weblog before, but nothing more than a 'media pass' here and there.
Why Vista will mean the end of the Microsoft monolith
"It could be that purely networked enterprises like the Linux project are actually a better way of producing very complex products, much as Toyota's 'lean' production system is the best way of making cars."

The Unstoppable Power of the Default

Bob Aman: “Microsoft should simply give everyone a gigabyte or two instead with cheap options to upgrade. That’s plenty to establish vendor lock-in. Something convenient for the regular Joe Schmoe who doesn’t know any better. If it’s the default, are they really gonna care? They’ve got this Online Drive icon in Explorer that they can drag and drop to. For them, it’s not about the space, it’s about the fact that you have a monopoly, and you have the ability to integrate far better than anyone else because of that monopoly. For them, it’s about convenience, not inexhaustable disk storage. So do what Microsoft does best, stick to crushing everyone with the unstoppable power of the default, and the power of Windows integration, avoid innovation and stick to being the second mover that reacts to your competitors after watching their mistakes, and stick to being hated by everyone with half a brain (that’s like 0.1% of the population, nothing at all to worry about). Trust me, it’s much more profitable that way.”

Skype and Microsoft claim they have "no choice" in censoring phrases on their services
They do, but the choice is between doing business in China and not.
"You need to connect the DVD Playback Kit receiver to a controller port to watch movies."
I heard that was true of the XBox, but never really tried it until now. Completely ridiculous since I should be able to use the controler that comes with it.