Video of the MAX Arriving Gateway/Northeast 99th Avenue Transit Center

On my trip to Portland last week, while my girlfriend went to the People's Farmer's Market, I took a jaunt over to the airport from downtown. To travel from the airport from downtown, I had to get a zone upgrade, because the 7-day pass we bought (see below) afforded us 2 zones. (We mostly traveled from Zone 2 through Zone 1 to the Fareless Square.) The fine folks at the TriMet information office at Pioneer Courthouse Square advised me that to get the zone upgrade, I would have to step on a bus, get an upgrade, and immediately disembark and hop on the train. I wasn't interested in risking getting caught by a fare inspector, so I made the trip to Gateway/Northeast 99th Avenue TC, hopped off the train, and got a zone upgrade from the #19 bus driver there.

On the trip I took quite a bit of HD video using the Flip Mino HD camera we bought. Following is a Hillsboro-bound MAX train arriving at Gateway/Northeast 99th Avenue Transit Center (which I will refer to in conversation as "Gateway" after the SkyTrain station here in Greater Vancouver).

Having a 7-day pass may not have been worth it from a purely financial perspective: as mentioned, we spent 5 days there in total and the pass did not apply to the Aerial Tram up to OHSU. (We would have appreciated a ticket stub as a memento of that trip. I sent a note to TriMet directly with that suggestion.) We did very much appreciate the convenience of the two-zone fare and not only the convenience of not having to fish for change, but being able to select which consecutive 7 days we could use the pass. In <a href=">Toronto, you can't select which days. At least they have one, though: we'd love to be able to have weekly passes in Vancouver!

Mundane HD Portland MAX Video

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go max go!

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I posted a little bit of info about the surroundings and that day's trip at PDXphiles.

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Bikes on Portland's MAX and Vancouver's SkyTrain

Patrick O'Neill reports on increased clashes between bikers and non-bikers on Portland's light rail system, the MAX. This hasn't been a problem yet for SkyTrain, which bans bikes in certain directions during rush hour periods (towards downtown in the morning, away from downtown in the evening). It might increase, however, as there's nowhere to hang bikes like there is on the MAX: instead, most people (including myself) have kept them near the doors for quicker entry and exit.


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