New York Times obituary for John DeFrancis
News to me, he died in January of this year. He was a giant in Chinese language studies, and helped shape some of my understanding when studying Mandarin.
nciku Chinese characters and pinyin dictionary
So many features. Handwritten character recognition, audio in both a male and female voice, phrases suggested and rated by users. Hard-to-remember name, though.
Hanyu Pinyin celebrates its 50th birthday
I found it coherent and useful when learning Mandarin, says the white guy who only knew English and French beforehand.

Fake DJ sets, Weekly Recaps of the Internet, and Language Learning

After buying my second iPod, a svelte nano, I subscribed to some podcasts, unsubscribed from others, which I listen to while commuting from place to place. (And while ironing.) Here are the podcasts I'm listening to these days:

These days I'm wearing headphones more often, trying to listen to Fake DJ sets, weekly recaps of the Internet, and language learning, so I apologize if I'm not paying attention to you. If people don't support this podcasting thing, it might not make it.

SFU-Zhejiang Dual Computer Science Degree Program
If I was younger and knew I had an interest in China, I'd have been all over this.
Chinese Blast bills itself as "a collaborative learning engine for learning Chinese"
Powered by Drupal, it has a few rough edges.
Serge Melnyk podcasts Mandarin Chinese lessons
He splits his time between Shanghai and Vancouver.
3,500 kids in Chicago Public Schools are learning Chinese
That's out of 435,000, making it less than 1% of students.
Chaile is podcasting underground and independent music from China
And they're using Drupal to do it.