Behind On Podcasts, As With Everything

The list of podcast episodes as yet not listened to has swollen to 70 thanks in due to spending most of last week in Windows as well as having lost my iPod earphones on the plane. (WestJet didn't have them in the lost & found, which surprised me a little, their having raised my hopes by being otherwise generally awesome.) Not to mention I didn't write an update last month. No earphones meant no listening to podcasts while in transit, which is no excuse, since I still have ironing and bill-paying.

A Card-Carrying Member, Two Years Running

vanmega: “there was a time during the winter of 2003/2004 where I logged a lot of hours with WOXY. Back in my night owl phase I used hangout alone in my basement while working on my laptop, listening to WOXY. Yeah, It sounds a bit bleak but it was, in fact, joyful as hell for me.


In the last two days I renewed my membership to KEXP (I went with the t-shirt instead of the iPod condom) and sent a small donation to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Make the People Think We Care About Them

KEXP DJ Lisa Wood about Seattle's The End (and other commerical radio): “That "Alternative Declaration" they pump up? It's a crock. The DJs don't pick anything, and obviously as this [the firing of a DJ for expressing his opinion about a track he didn't choose] shows, aren't allowed to be creative in what they play or say.

Communicate to Your Listeners as You Would in Daily Life

Lisa Wood, a KEXP DJ, wants radio DJs to stop yelling: “all the "newbies" in radio are taught is to pretend you're talking to one person. Be it a friend, your boyfriend/girlfriend, etc., communicate to your listeners as you would in daily life. I've even seen people put a picture of someone on the control board to try and help them get to that natural, conversational place. Whatever works for each individual, at least try it!”

Extraordinarily Minimal, Ethereal Compositions

After hearing a song on KEXP (where DJ Riz was doing his usual late-night ambient dub set), and after Riz mentioned the name of the artist and that he was Vancouver-based, I checked the online playlist (which is not nearly as cool as Digitally Imported's playlists, which automatically create a forum thread for that song for people to comment on it and give it a rating) to see which song it was.

You've Further Removed the Focus From Inspirational Power

DJ Riz on the Experience Music Project and Jimi Hendrix: “What [Paul] Allen and his ilk are doing is removing the juice from the fruit of culture. So with Hendrix, you reduce him to a merely great instrumentalist, as opposed to an insightful philosopher, hedonist, and partly disgruntled charlatan who also refused to live or perform here. You can commodify the former, while the latter remains fluid and elusive.