John Norquay Elementary School


29th Avenue Station

Yesterday during SkyTrain's weekend maintenance, I went on a walking tour of the area around 29th Avenue Station as described in SkyTrain Explorer by John Atkin. It was actually a two-part tour, but the weather was nice and I had lots of water (and didn't feel like coming back to the same area to do the second part later on) which takes the reader on both two sides of the station. I posted photos in the 29th Avenue Station section of my SkyTrain Explorer page. Some of the more interesting sights on the tour were the Renfrew Ravine Labyrinth and John Norquay Elementary School (which wasn't technically on the tour, but on the detour I took on the way back to the SkyTrain station). The photos of the houses at 3140 Kings St. and 4598 Moss St. have some longer quotes from the book about the houses in question. Wally's Burgers wasn't where Atkin said it was, or, more likely, I didn't look hard enough after being tired from 2 hours of walking in the sun with no hat. I'll seek it out later, since just the name Deluxe Chuck Wagon Burger sounds delicious.

John Norquay Elementary School Seen from Duchess St.

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Submitted by W0nderingT0g on Mon 2006-08-14 16:00 #

hey, that was my school in grade 6! hasnt changed much. (1986)

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Submitted by sillygwailo on Mon 2006-08-14 22:49 #

According to SkyTrain Explorer, there's a walking school bus for neighbourhood children that go to the school. I don't suppose you were part of that?

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Submitted by "M" PEARL on Wed 2007-06-27 21:17 #

This was my elementary school from 1960 to 1967. It has changed abit. The windows, portables etc. I used to live on Duke Street in the 1960's.

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