Jesus Van

It reminded me of how some geeks will plaster their laptops with stickers. This person plastered their van with religious messages.

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Royal Oak Community Church

No Credit? No Problem Jesus Paid It All

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True Jesus Church

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Submitted by hanie dew on Tue 2007-04-03 22:29 #

hai.haleluya.. what a beautiful church friends.. have a nice day

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Submitted by linduts on Fri 2009-01-02 08:00 #

hai..i juz join

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Andy, the Baby Jesus
Anti-pornography posters featuring Jesus
No idea if they're real or not, but definitely funny. (Easiest way to annoy a Christian: call Jesus "Jebus".)

Those Sophomoric Types

Paulo: “My gauge for an atheist's intellect is the word "Jebus." The moment someone uses that tired Simpsons gag, I regard him about as credible as those sophomoric types who equate God with the tooth fairy, call Microsoft "Micro$haft," and spell "America" with a triple K. (Apologies to anyone who's joked around me with "Jebus" and got a snippy remark.)”

A few years ago, I joked around with him privately about the word "Jebus", and he was patient enough to say something similar, that he was sensitive when people made fun of Him. I'm neither atheist nor agnostic these days: I don't think a lot about religion, and try to avoid conversations involving it because it doesn't really interest me. God's never been a part of my life and I don't see how He will be in the foreseeable future. Not terribly intellectually rigourous of me, even though I claim to have have at least a very basic understanding of the history of the major religions (all stuff I picked up along the way). That said, I have no qualms admitting that I'm incurious about religion, which for those who prefer me having an informed opinion either way, that may be even worse than joking about it.