Four Different Things on a Friday Night

Sacha Chua: “Normal introverts don't find themselves trying to find more hours in the day so that they can go to four different things on a Friday night, or more weekends in a month so that they can meet up with different people.”

"Introverts and Social Software": Towards Sustained Relationships

Two days until BarCamp Vancouver and I'm about where I started with my proposed session on social software for introverts: I "only" have questions. The question I can now add to the list is "How do introverts use social (networking) software to sustain a relationship and mutually benefit both/all parties involved?" (I put the word "networking" in brackets because we seem to have forgotten the connection element of sites these days and instead focus on sharing.

We Get the Articulate, the Socially Literate and Extroverted

Darren Barefoot: “Here in the blogosphere, we get to see the tip of the engineer iceberg--we get the articulate, the socially literate and extroverted. I agree that "people who make stuff need to relate directly with the people who use that stuff", but there's a communications gap there that needs to be filled.”

Strategies for Successful Introvert (Un)Conference Attendees?

In late August, the organizers have yet to finalize a date, Vancouver will hold BarCamp-style conference titled, appropriately, BarCamp Vancouver. I've started a PubSub feed for the unconference, which I will attend. After BarCamp Toronto, while waiting for my fligh back home at the airport, I started writing out my thoughts about that unconference in particular and unconferences in general (keeping in mind that I have only attended the first day of one of them, of course). Joey explained the concept of BarCamp (really well, I might add), and he says that the confusion about the philosophy of "no spectators" applies “doubly so for events with programmers”, mentioning that 75% of them classify themselves as introverts. It's not clear, though, what he prescribes, so my article, still in heavy drafting mode, will attempt a prescription.

Shy Guys' Expriences With Online Dating

I hear a lot in the press the experiences of people who have had success with online dating—that is, the sites where you set up a profile, buy "credits" and then search for local people you think look attractive based on that profile then contact them. Just as a general impression, though, the same people that are successful with online dating (successful defined as physically meeting someone at least a few times as the result of the communications happening on an online dating site) are the same people who are successful in offline dating.