"Transit Passes and Tickets Available Here" sign at London Drugs on Cambie and Broadway

"As of June 2010 We will only be accepting Cash or Interac for Transit passes. Thank you."

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Submitted by MSPdude on Sun 2010-04-04 21:59 #

That sign looks freakishly like a Metro Transit (of Minneapolis-St. Paul) bus stop sign. When I saw the thumbnail, that is what I though it was. Here is a typical sign (disregard the SouthWest Transit sticker):

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Submitted by MileagePhoto on Fri 2010-05-28 23:50 #

There was a sign very similar to the one photographed in the London Drugs located in Ironwood Plaza at Steveston Hwy & No. 5 Road. It didn't look like standard TransLink material, so I read the fine print - it stated the sign was from Minneapolis-St Paul as well.

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