My dad is Icelandic, so I have a special place in my heart for the land of fire and ice.

Another Year as Director at Large for the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto

At an event last year put on by the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto, the president approached me to ask if I’d join the board of directors. It didn't take long for me to decide, though I did take a few days to mull it over. I had attended all the events (the travel show, where a traveler to Iceland presents about their trip; Thorablott, the yearly "winter" feast; and the Christmas brunch and farm visit where Santa made an appearance and told us about the Yule Lads), and I had taken the Icelandic lessons that the club offers.

In the first year as a director at large, I have been responsible mainly for my perspective and have volunteered to help out in material ways more so than I would if I weren't. I also maintain the Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto Twitter account and do some of the communication through their Facebook page and try to keep the events page up to date. At today's annual general meeting, I have happily agreed to serve another year on the board, and hope to ameliorate the technology we use for internal communications (especially during board meetings). I have been the sole maintainer of the Instagram account, something I hope to broaden in the next year. I have some other ideas about where my responsibilities might broaden as well, and I'm excited about what might be possible in the coming months.

A colleague of mine at my day job is on the board of her local rowing club, and she and I were talking about a mutual colleague who had wondered if he should put his board membership on his resume. The answer from both of us was an emphatic yes. (I wish I had said he should target his experience towards whatever job he might want, but the situation didn't call for nuance.) Being a board member of a small club, with decisions that need making and events that need planning and communication that has to happen, has been a small thrill, and has made me feel part of something more so than just a regular membership would have. If you can stand a little conflict (present in all human relations) and like the idea of really being part of something, I would definitely recommend finding a role on a decision-making body. My role on the ICCT board has been something I've definitely been proud of the last year or so.

Iceland's lost puffins
Kids from the Westman Islands gather at night and rescue birds fooled by the town's lights.
The Fairtilizer blog interviews Icelandic synth band FM Belfast
Features an preview of their album, How to Make Friends.
Michael Lewis covers the Icelandic economic crisis for Vanity Fair
Monoculture, overconfidence, gender, and history led "bankers" from the Land of Fire and Ice to switch a nation from something they knew (fishing) to something they didn't (international finance).
The Reykjavik Grapevine publishes photos of the economic crisis protests in Iceland
"Some brought along leftover fireworks from New Year's Eve."

Fake tilt-shift courtesy tilt-shift maker. [original]

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Here's my best attempt:

Tiny train

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Great job. A fun tool. Love those roof colors.

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Don't Forget the Moo

Rebecca has ordered Moo MiniCards, hoping she'll get them before Northern Voice, reminding me to bring mine this weekend. I still have quite a few left over from the two boxes I ordered a year or two ago.

Here are the photos that appear on the cards I hand out. It feels weird to give people cards with my mug on it, but I thought maybe people might forget what I look like after they've met me.

Are you attending Northern Voice on Friday or Saturday? If so, which Moo card do you want?

My MOO MiniCards

Join the Revolution: Fall in Love

Reykjavik From Hallgrímskirkja

Orange Dot Southbound at Dundas Station

BarCamp Vancouver Door Shift 25Aug06 - 3

Photo by Roland Tanglao.

Blurry SkyTrain Near Renfrew Station

Looking Serious Wearing New Glasses