Interview with Lenovo's foreign employees working in China
Lots of interest, including culture gaps during international mergers and IBM's management style.
Getting started with Drupal
A good article on what makes up a module in the CMS.
Tagging behind the firewall
Bill Ives on IBM's dogear and Harvard Berkman's H2O Playlists.
IBM Internet Technology Group chose Drupal over Typo3, Movable Type, and Mambo
First part of their "Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site" series. (Typo in one of the graphics.)
Tagging in the enterprise
IBM and its internal dogear application get a few paragraphs, as do and Flickr. I'd love to read from more skeptics like Greg Blonder, though.
IBMer Luis Suarez says dogear can be a blogging tool
I've been using as a blogging tool for months now.
IBM Research's page on dogear
Features a larger screenshot than the ACM Queue article.