Issue for adding microformat support in the Location module for Drupal
Just having hCard didn't make sense, so I added 'geo' support. Note my patch needs testing, so therefore has not been approved yet.

Positive Contact

For the last while—who knows how long—my contact form wasn't working because of DNS wonkiness. That should be fixed now, so you can now get a hold of my by email. (In case you might want to arrange for, among other things, the delivery of free stuff.) Also, my about page is marked up in hCard (styling hCard seems a bit much, but it's possible), and to prove that it would take me about 10 minutes to do it, the front page is marked up in hAtom. I have no idea if it's done right, since there doesn't seem to be a microformat validator. Instead, I reverse-engineered how others did it, just like the last time (table-free XHTML + CSS) we bloggers did this.

Did I mention that my del.icio.us bookmarks syndicated here are marked up in xFolk wrapped in hAtom?