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I like video games (and only ever sports games and race car games, not FPS or role-playing games), only play them in streaks, not all the time, and don't always have to have the latest shiniest new toy.
Use TextMate to edit text inside Firefox
I remember when this was called Object Linking and Embedding.
pb is going off the Flickr grid
I kind of want to have my photos on a subdomain too. (I'd even use Flickr if they let me point to their servers, for the community features pb describes.)
Multisite and Mass hosting Drupal
"This tool is called HostMaster, and is Bryght's answer to mass hosting Drupal."
How to turn your blog in to an OpenID
Though I don't think I'll use my weblog as my OpenID URL (I have another URL in mind), Simon's article spurs me to actually do it.
Issue for adding microformat support in the Location module for Drupal
Just having hCard didn't make sense, so I added 'geo' support. Note my patch needs testing, so therefore has not been approved yet.
Mozilla Labs releases Operator, a Firefox extension for using microformats embedded in pages
This spurred me on to add the 'geo' microformat to my SkyTrain explorer pages, though it took hacking Drupal's Location module to do it.
Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use
I use some of them, but only ever through libraries since I hate parsing XML.