Notes on "Documentation in the Open Source World" at the Free Software and Open Source Symposium

My worries about Eric Shepherd's presentation being too focused on developer documentation were both correct and unfounded. Correct because he only talked about developer documentation for the Mozilla Corporation. Unfounded because everything he talked about applied directly to end-user documentation writing. Some notes here, then a paraphrase of my comment-slash-question at the end.


Just as I'm reading the line “Restore session when restarting for application update restart or recovering from crash.” in the unofficial Firefox 3 changelog does my Firefox browser ( crash. I already have SessionSaver installed and running, so any paranoia about this is my computer's way of tellling me I should be going to bed, it now being the Ridiculous Hour, is abated.

The Unstoppable Power of the Default

Bob Aman: “Microsoft should simply give everyone a gigabyte or two instead with cheap options to upgrade. That’s plenty to establish vendor lock-in. Something convenient for the regular Joe Schmoe who doesn’t know any better. If it’s the default, are they really gonna care? They’ve got this Online Drive icon in Explorer that they can drag and drop to.

A Group of Feeds That Follow Everything

Regular readers know I'm a fan of both PubSub and baseball (alright, I don't talk about the latter a lot, since none of my TV channels show any games). PubSub lets you subscribe to feeds of searches that match 'on-the-fly', that is, once someone writes about something you're interested in, it matches against a search, and pings you either by RSS or—okay, RSS is the way that the overwhelming majority of people using PubSub get their notifications.

Pledge Drive

On March 3rd, I'll be participating in a bowling tournament to support Big Brothers. I'm taking pledges for that if anybody would like to donate. Contact me privately (or leave a comment) with your pledge. Canadians get a tax receipt for anything over $25.