Jack Bellis reviews FreshBooks' usability
Before reading this, I considered asking them why the service's UI didn't match their pretty website. I'm glad I held back.


After getting an email from FreshBooks, based out of Toronto, telling me about some new features and their support forum, I decided to check out their weblog. (Funny how sometimes a mass email will sometimes actually get me check out a service again, e.g. Newsvine, though granted, I did sign up for FreshBooks however-many-months-ago.) Scanning through some of the recent posts, it looks like a really great small business weblog, with good crisp writing. It's not afraid to critique friends (about a partner's website redesign that might have been a step backwards) and reviewing books and applying it to running a small business in a personal voice. It took me a few seconds to realize that Stowe Boyd, whose profile doesn't appear on FreshBooks' team page but rather on its advisors page, had written the book review. And yes, FreshBooks' CEO Michael McDerment's post about meetings did catch my eye.

None of this is reason enough for me to use the FreshBooks' service: I don't have enough people to invoice to make even the free version worthwhile. FreshBooks' "messaging", though, seems pretty strong, emphasizing on at least half of its front page what its users think.