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On Saturday, not feeling very well but wanting to get outside, I walked around Edmonds Station as part of my effort to follow the tours in SkyTrain Explorer by John Atkin. I've created a book page for the Edmonds Station chapter, which links to the photos I took with my Nokia N70. One of the shorter chapters, there wasn't much direction other than to walk around Byrne Creek Park, which was a nice little forest oasis in the urban jungle. I wish I was in a better mood to walk around the nearby train yard and control centre, which always looks interesting when the trains go by it.

John Atkin mentions a local group that helps preserve the park and educate school kids about the area: The Byrne Creek Streamkeepers Society is a group of volunteers dedicated to the stewardship of the creek, keeping it clean, monitoring the fish and other life of the ravine. They are one of eleven such groups in Burnaby. Formed in 1999, the Streamkeepers have worked to promote and educate citizens about the value of the creek and its unique habitat. Among other activities they help organize salmon fly release programs with school students and community groups to restock the creek. The park is home to coho and chum salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout and an abundant bird population.” The park did seem very well maintained and clean, so they must be doing something right.

SkyTrain From Beneath Tracks Near Edmonds Station

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