Double Decker Victoria Transit Bus at Swartz Bay

- Taken at 3:14 PM on October 08, 2007 - cameraphone upload by ShoZu

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Double-Decker Bus at UVic

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Submitted by oneplanet4life on Fri 2008-02-15 15:43 #

Wow, I didn't have a clue Victoria had double decker buses, it's so English like there I shouldn't be surprised!

I might use the photo on my blog, doubtful, but it's a great picture!
My blog is at

I created a non-profit grassroots group called TorontoTransit 4Change, hopefully it will expand to other cities, Vancouver Transit 4Change, Montreal Transit 4Change, etc....

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Submitted by sillygwailo on Fri 2008-02-15 16:42 #

Yeah, fun huh? I haven't ridden one in years, but maybe on my next trip. They wouldn't bee too feasible here in Vancouver (lots of overpasses and whatnot), but there are some around.

Send me a note when you have Vancouver Transit4Change setup. I know a bunch of people who will be interested to hear about it.

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Submitted by sillygwailo on Mon 2009-02-09 02:01 #

A user on Wikipedia (Secondarywaltz) thought it would be nice to adorn the Wikipedia page on the Victoria Regional Transit System with this photo. And I agree!

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