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I missed this back in 2009 when it first came out. The linked PDF contains the proposal in full, written by Jeffrey A. Citron and David Steinhauer. It came out before the new outdoor park — Target Field — in Minneapolis (which has similar weather to Toronto) was completed.
The front-end database is powered by Drupal. Includes a video demonstration.
Not ShoZu's fault, evidently. I'm going to assume that ShoZu will release a fix just as I get my phone delivered.
"Although the sound of the SkyTrain itself [...] can only be heard in the immediate surroundings of the stations, the accompanying changes in the landscape and the soundscape, now filled with transportation noises including cars, buses, heavy trucks, a train and two SkyTrain lines, are for all participants signs of a deterioration of this neighbourhood."
This is what I'm working on this week.
It would solve a problem for me if there was a port for the Mac.
Good news for a Vancouver company and citizen journalism.