Ma.gnolia is a social bookmarking website, making it easy—and pleasant—to publicly and privately submit links to interesting websites and articles, tag and rank them. They do a lot of things right, including a permanent link for each individual bookmark, so that I can link directly to it if a comment someone makes needs responding to or pointing out. (Dare they add comments?

Les problèmes se font jour

Karl: Une communauté jeune est relativement stable, homogène, pleine d'enthousiasme. Tous ces éléments permettent son succès. Ceci est valable pour pratiquement toutes les communautés. Et puis lorsque la communauté s'élargit en nombre de participants, lorsque la technologie est utilisée à large échelle, les problèmes se font jour.

What We Share Reflects Back Upon Our Identity

Fred Stutzman: “When we use social software, we often employ the software to share. I employ this blog to share my knowledge and try to sound smart. You may share your playlist to show people that you are a connoisseur of good music. Someone else may share a particular set of bookmarked links in so that their fans can be kept informed of information.

"Introverts and Social Software": Towards Sustained Relationships

Two days until BarCamp Vancouver and I'm about where I started with my proposed session on social software for introverts: I "only" have questions. The question I can now add to the list is "How do introverts use social (networking) software to sustain a relationship and mutually benefit both/all parties involved?" (I put the word "networking" in brackets because we seem to have forgotten the connection element of sites these days and instead focus on sharing.

The Assertion of a Right to Behave That Way Earned That Right

James G. Poulos: <q cite=">the requisite component of community was self-identification, and the requirement for a person who desired to personally express freely the identity of his community was that person's declaration of his membership in that community. To repeat for emphasis: the right to publicly behave the way one's community behaved was triggered by one's behaving that way in public.

Trying to Find Community

Julie Leung: “Strange as it may sound, it felt refreshing tonight to talk to people whose blogs I read, and who read my blog. Right now, I am trying to find community, and so I am meeting new people who don't know me at all. Even though I hadn't met some of the bloggers or I don't see them in person often, I have read what they write, and I felt comfortable mentioning these things in conversation as given facts - and I felt equally comfortable when they mentioned items from my blog.