I Own a SodaStream

For years (really, years and years), I was and still am a loyal Coca-Cola drinker. At every job, it would take about a week for colleagues to realize just how often I drank it. There haven't been many days that have gone by where I haven't had a Coke, which I alternate between thinking of as a mark of shame and shrugging off as an aspect of my personality. I'm not saying I can tell the difference in a blind taste test, but Pepsi cola lacks the zing that Coca-Cola has.


Sitting in my fridge is a cold bottle of the nectar of the gods, aka Coca-Cola classic. This month, after seeing my daily dosage of black sugar water increase to three bottles a day and being inspired by Darren Barefoot's month off from the soft-drink (a successful month off it turned out), I drank a lot of juice and coffee (oh and beer), but no carbonated beverages.

That Super-Sweet Acid

Darren: “My head is swimming slightly as I type this, because of the caffeine high off my first Coke in a month. I've cheated a bit, with a few iced teas and rootbeers, but I managed the entire month without that super-sweet acid touching my lips (or my stomach).”

Pledge Drive

On March 3rd, I'll be participating in a bowling tournament to support Big Brothers. I'm taking pledges for that if anybody would like to donate. Contact me privately (or leave a comment) with your pledge. Canadians get a tax receipt for anything over $25.

A Nice Carrot, But With No Stick to Back It Up

Self-described Coke addict and described-by-others Vancouver's blogfather is quitting drinking the nectar of the gods, a.k.a. Coca-Cola Classic, for the month of February. Though I mocked him in the comments for choosing the shortest month of the year, I salute his effort. If he would have done it for charity, and if the cause was a good one, I would have pledged.

A Nice, Subtle Addition

Karl-Martin Skontorp : “So, does it taste good? I have not met one single person who likes Vanilla Coke. Most people think the awful vanilla (sub-)flavor is inducing nausea and vomiting. Personally I have consumed 2 bottles of it. 2 bottles too many. It is really, really terrible.” I'm going to second that emotion: I've only had one bottle, and the first sip was actually pretty good. The rest were, to put not too fine a point on it, not.