The Very Unholy Alliance

President Nixon to Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai, February 22nd, 1972: “Let me in complete candor tell the Prime Minister what my problem is from a political standpoint. What we say here may make it impossible for me to deliver on what I can do. Our people, from both the right and the left, for different reasons, are watching this particular issue. The left wants this trip to fail, not because of Taiwan but because of the Soviet Union.

Palestine, Israel, China

Going through a growing backlog of China News Digest emails, I found this short article by Dong Liu. Chinese support for the Palestinians probably shouldn't have come as much a surprise as it did when I read it. Looking through the online databases (which I have access to for only so long), there's not much scholarly work done on China-PLO relations.

Beijing, We Have Liftoff

Ted Rose: “The longstanding but chronically underfunded program is finally pressing ahead, fueled by revenue from trade zones like Shanghai and Hong Kong. China's motives are unclear - outside of bragging rights over galactic wannabes like India and North Korea.”

Well, the United States Air Force's expressed desire to control and dominate space might have something to do it.

China's Internet

Ethan Gutmann: “Americans make dreams, and every generation carries new ones to China. Since 1979 that dream has been the fall of the Chinese Communist party and the rise of the world's largest market, an event that U.S. businessmen and China hands keep predicting is on the horizon or even imminent. Yet Michael was not naive. He understood the self-serving nature of much of the democracy-is-just-around-the-corner rhetoric.