"It is time to look at China, not for what it says, but for what it does, and to judge it accordingly."
Although the politics of China remains communist, the economics might be called Advanced Mercantilist.
0506HK by Quentin Lee on YouTube
The official website for the documentary about Hong Kong that Karen and I saw last year links to the film in 8 parts.
Evan Osnos spends time with Tang Jie and China's "angry youth"
More courteous than angry-sounding, "pro-China youth" still sounds like a better phrase to describe them than "angry youth".
From the erotic domain, pole dancing as exercise increases popularity in China
Little mention that it's already a fitness trend in North America. With video.
Kunqu's time-honoured innovation
Alexander Varty from Vancouver's The Georgia Straight on the ancient Chinese operatic theatre.