Winds Through the Grotesque Peaks Exactly Like a Blue Silk Ribbon

Lee and Sachi Lefever have been travelling the world and documenting it on their excellent site, The World Is Not Flat. (Disclosure, I had a hand in helping setting up the site, and it's hosted by my employer, Bryght, for which I do technical support.) As a guilty admission, I've only recently started following the site, mainly because early on I subscribed to their 'china' tag and only now are they writing extensively about their travels there.

Most Won't Have the Foundation

Jared Kim after talking about the tech startup he created last year in China: “China is making companies play ball by the local rules, and if those companies don't like those rules they can find another court because there are many other players willing to take their place. Foreign companies don't have a gambling chip in this particular situation. Google/Yahoo not censoring search results?