Top ten geek business myths
Actually, I think #6 is not a myth because I can think of a time when knowing something mattered more than whom I knew.
When is the best time to start a business?
Now, Dave Pollard concludes.
Alexander Osterwalder defines what a business model is
Includes 9 characteristics of business models, i.e. what they normally contain.
Dave Pollard on the need for entrepreneurial education
He advocates no classroom, no lectures and no tests. The traditional educational system is failing a generation of would-be free enterprisers.
Excellent article by Dave Pollard on the advantages for businesses to get into blogging
All internal links in his article, however.
10 top ideas with respect to business and the economy
If he weren't the only business thinker I read, I could more credibly say that Dave is the best business thinker I read.