Kris' awesome photos from his third trip to China
I favorited about a dozen of them, most of them taken in Shanghai.
London tops a list of best underground rail transit systems, followed by Paris and Moscow
I bet Chicago would top a similar list of elevated rail, and would include Vancouver.
Long article in The Sunday Times about modern mistresses in China (ernai)
"The name brands and context are new, but much of the original concubine content remains unchanged. "
Apparently LeBron James is studying Mandarin, just in time for the Beijing Olympics
I can think of better reasons to study the language than for what would amount to a two-week stay in the country, but I support his decision.
Bryght and Raincity Studios headed to Beijing
Kris Krug and Robert Scales are going to China to meet with BC companies with investments in the People's Republic.
Natalie Behring's photos of a Beijing hutong
My favourite are the last 5 black & white photos.
Beijing's Bus Rapid Transit have exclusive lanes for its 16 km trip
"BRT combines the single-corridor quality of rail transit with the flexibility of buses."